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Welcome to The Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy 

Towards the end of 2011, a group of Hong Kong airline pilots identified the need to bridge the gap between students graduating from university and their first step towards establishing an aviation career. An affordable professional training package at the completion of tertiary education serves as a solid platform for Hong Kong youths to launch their career in the aviation industry.

Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy or HKYAA was formed to carry this mission forward and the founding members of this organisation have all benefited tremendously from the opportunities offered here in Hong Kong. They all have the same conviction to help the next generation begin their careers by volunteering their spare time to conduct various formal courses and to share their professional experience.

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Cathay Pacific HKYAA
Annual Aviation Programme
- Basic Phase

Aviation Technical Knowledge

  1. Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

  2. Engines and Propulsion

  3. Meteorology

  4. Navigation

  5. Radio

  6. Theory of Flight

Character Development/Soft Skills

  • Interview Techniques

  • Leadership and Introduction to Task Management

- Intermediate Phase

Aviation Technical Knowledge

  1. Aircraft Instruments

  2. Airmanship and Basic Air Law

  3. Engines and Propulsion

  4. Human Performance and Limitations

  5. Meteorology

  6. Theory of Flight

Character Development/Soft Skills

  • Effective Communications

  • Leadership and Task Management


- Advanced Phase

Aviation Technical Knowledge

  1. Air Accident Investigation Knowledge and Case Studies

  2. Air Traffic Control Theory

  3. Aviation Knowledge Used in an Airline Environment (Both in the Cockpit and General Operation of a Airline)

  4. Introduction to Airliner Systems (Based on the B777)

  5. Meteorology

Character Development/Soft Skills

  • Advance Interview Techniques

  • Advance Leadership and Task Management

  • Introduction to Threat Error Management


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