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Junior Aviation Workshop


The Junior Aviator Workshop (JAW) is a half-day event with the focus on introducing secondary students to how to fly an airplane. Junior Aviators will practice flying the flight simulator with guidance from our instructors. This workshop is a mini version of our Aviation Exploration Day (AED).

(Lead sponsor: Cathay Pacific Airways)


This event consists of the following elements:


Core Session: 

1. Pre-flight Briefing

Before each session, there will be a briefing on the basic control of the airplane, attitude flying, power control and instrument scanning.


2. Simulator Flying

The students will mainly perform takeoff and landing. Depending on the participants' experience, other flying practices such as climb, descend, level turn, taxy etc. may be added with instructor's discretion.


Optional Session:

1. Flight Planning Exercise

The students will be divided into groups to write up a simple flight plan.


2. Pilot Sharing

An airline pilot will share how they began their flying career and the life of a pilot.

For any enquiry, please send email to:

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