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Vision and Mission


The visions of HKYAA are:

  • To inspire young people by exploring different areas of aviation.

  • To promote aviation interests and the pursuit of aviation knowledge.

  • To promote professions within the aviation industry.

  • To institute, establish and promote seminars, scholarships, grants, awards.

  • To provide a bridging programme between tertiary education and beginning a career in the aviation industry.


The aim of HKYAA is to provide a balanced and structured educational programme focused on assisting potential Hong Kong youths in their pursuit of an aviation career. The career paths that are specifically supported by this initiative are limited to fixed wing/rotary pilots, aeronautical engineers and air traffic controllers.

This independent initiative is intended from the outset to be non-profitable and will draw on collaborations with local corporate and governmental bodies. Current professionals in the industry will be invited to assist in the various programs and activities as volunteers.

The efforts of HKYAA draw on the synergy of the community of Hong Kong for the benefits of the next generation and the aviation industry.

Committees and Instructors

The organising members of HKYAA are all practising professionals within the Hong Kong aviation industry and they want to share their experience with those youngsters who aspire to follow their footsteps. The instructors are all volunteers from various aviation fields including airline pilots, Civil Aviation Department technical officers, air traffic controllers, Government Flying Service Officers and aircraft engineers. Together they form the perfect team indelivering a bridging course which helps university graduates secure their first employment.


Message From
The President

2012 is an important year to many of us. A group of enthusiastic aviators sharing the same dream came together and decided to realize this dream for the next generation of Hong Kong.

Quickly, the action was echoed throughout the aviation field in Hong Kong. Professionals from many sectors in the industry reached out their helping hands, together we formed the HONG KONG YOUTH AVIATION ACADEMY, HKYAA. Today, there are already more than 40 volunteer instructors in the HKYAA giving our best to the dream: To Inspire, To Teach.

Hong Kong people are famous for our diligence and smartness. Many youngsters have the potential and right qualities to take up a role in the aviation industry. HKYAA will inspire them, remove the bounds and help setting their potential free. HKYAA does not believe in spoon-feeding, it teaches students to look around, listen out, solve problems, express themselves and find their own ways to success.

HKYAA does not belong to one group of people, the success of it belongs to all the devoted instructors and students. I would like to use this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for my colleagues in the HKYAA. Together, we make the future of Hong Kong Aviation. Together, we write the aviation history and year 2012 will be an important chapter in our children’s history books.

Captian Patrick Lau, President, HKYAA

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