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The ICAO Language Proficiency Test is an important component of the cadet pilot selection process. The purpose of the ICAO language proficiency requirements is to ensure that the language proficiency of pilots and air traffic controllers is sufficient to reduce miscommunication as much as possible and to allow pilots and controllers to recognise and solve potential miscommunication when it does occur (ICAO Document 9835).


Is your English good enough to fly internationally?


Prior preparation prevents poor performance. Don’t leave your future career to chance - Book a diagnostic test with HKYAA now!


The Diagnostic Test is conducted by qualified and experienced professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the ICAO language proficiency scale.


At the end of the diagnostic test we will give you a 1-1 feedback highlighting areas you need to work on.


Fee: HKD 800 (non-refundable) (a HKD 500 discount will be offered when you enrol on our ICAO English courses in the future)

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes




HKYAA is committed to ensuring that there is a clear distinction between training and testing. Teachers are trained not to offer direct test preparation and they work in line with the ILTA Code of Ethics. Teachers do not directly prepare candidates for the test and no teacher is ever allowed to assess the performance of a student they have taught.

HKYAA ICAO Aviation English Diagnostic Test

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