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Please note that TEA is only available to candidates with sponsorship from Hong Kong based airlines/ employer. 

It is your responsibility to check that your license-issuing authority accepts a TEA certificate from the TEA Centre where you take the test - please check with your airline before signing up for the test.


To register please:


  1. Save the registration form to your computer. Complete the form electronically and email it to our administrator - (note: you must bring your passport/ HKID that matches with the information you have provided on your application form on your test day and the passport /HKID number will appear on your certificate).
  2. Pay the test fees on this website. Test fees must be paid at the time of registration using FPS/ PayMe/ Bank Transfer/ Paypal. Note: If you are unable to collect your TEA certificate in person, please make sure you select and pay for the appropriate delivery service (local/ international delivery).


After the test:

The TEA certificates will be posted to HKYAA within 10 working days for immediate forwarding to candidates.



Appeals must be made to HKYAA in writing no later than one month after certificates have been dispatched. Candidates must return their certificate to HKYAA and pay the full test fee. Appealed tests are re-assessed via TEA HQ, and an Official Appeal Result Form will be sent to the Centre Administrator to forward onto the appealing candidate. If the Senior Examiners award:


  • a higher Overall Score, a new certificate is dispatched to the Centre immediately. The original certificate must be destroyed and the candidate must receive a refund of the appeal fee.
  • the same Overall Score, the Centre should re-issue the original certificate and the candidate does not receive a refund.
  • a lower Overall Score, the Centre should re-issue the original certificate and the candidate does not receive a refund.

To apply for an appeal, please send an email to and complete your payment here.


Information about the test:

You can find more information about the test here.



Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy

3/F, 280 Portland Street Commercial Building,

Mong Kok, Kowloon

Hong Kong

(Mong Kok MTR Exit C2)


Tel/ (852) 2777-7573



To avoid potential conflict of interest, all tests for HKCAD licensing purposes will be rated by T.E.A. Headquarters in the UK, and HKYAA will only be responsible for test administration and interlocution.

Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.) (Hong Kong licence only)

    • Payme
    • FPS
    • PayPal & Credit Card
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