Programmes Details


1. The programme is divided into three phases with each phase introducing more complexity and depth in the various branches of aviation knowledge.

2. Formal instruction and lectures on the following topics will be introduced at varies stages of the programme:

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

  • Subject areas for the purpose of gaining private pilot License (PPL) and commercial pilot license

  • Aerodynamics

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Air Law

  • Advanced aerodynamics, performance, turbine engines, flight dynamics, aero-design

  • Air traffic control theory

3. Soft skills workshop that will be vital in a modern work environment, such as:

  • Communications

  • Leadership and team work skills

  • Interview techniques

  • Error recovery and management

4. Duration of the whole programme is 12 months.

5. The following list of activities will be organized:

  • visits to various Hong Kong airport operational facilities

  • visits to airline operational and training facilities

  • briefs by air traffic controllers, pilots, technicians and engineers

  • practical projects aimed at understanding aeronautical and aviation principles


6. All instructors are established aviation professionals who share the passion of passing on their knowledge and experience.