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HKYAA is excited to announce application for Course 2017-2018 is open from May 13th to Jun 11th 2017. Applicants can visit the HKYAA website to access the online application form.

In a step to strengthen the sustainability of HKYAA as a charitable organisation aiming to provide high quality teaching and soft skills development, the one-time admission fee of the Course has been adjusted upwards to HKD 3,000 and a nominal application fee of HKD $80 by bank transfer has been introduced. The admission fee and application fee are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment of application fee doesn't guarantee an interview. Only selected candidates are invited for an interview.

Course content has continually been improved and new elements added. Students will benefit from the expertise of professionals from different aspects of aviation as well as soft skills training essential in any career environment. The Instructors of HKYAA are looking forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with young aviation enthusiasts of Hong Kong.

Programme Details

1. This programme will start in early Sep 2017. The length of the programme will be around 12 months.

2. Candidates who SUCCESSFULLY enroll in our programme are required to pay HKD $3000 as admission fee. No other extra tuition fee will be charged during the course. HKYAA is a charitable organization in Hong Kong. The similar programme in the market may charge HKD $20,000-$40,000.

3. This programme is offered on part-time basis. Classes and site visits are normally scheduled in weekends.

4. Admission Fee: $3,000 HKD. (Enrolled students can apply for admission fee remission. The amount of the admission fee remission is subject to the financial situation of the applicant's family. Supporting documents are required such as Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme notification letter. Please bring such documents to your interview for further discussion with HKYAA Instructors.)


1. 18 years old or older on 11 Jun, 2017.

2. Permanent Hong Kong Identity Card holder.

Application Details:

1. The deadline of application in 2017: 3 Jun, 2017

2. The online application status is: CLOSED. Late applicantions will NOT be considered after 11 Jun, 2017.

3. Interviews will be held in June & July. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview by email or phone.




What is HKYAA?

The Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy (HKYAA) is a non-profit-making organization which aims at providing a balanced and structured programme focused on assisting potential Hong Kong youths in their pursuit of a professional career within the aviation industry.


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