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Aviation Exploration Scholarship Program Details

HKYAA offers its students a chance to achieve their aviation dreams with its Aviation Exploration Scholarship program.The scholarship gives students the opportunity to practically apply what they have gained through the yearlong training with HKYAA.

The program aims to give youth a practical understanding of aviation and inspire them to enter careers in the technical fields of aviation.

There are two streams of the scholarship program: Power and Glider.


The power scholarship course includes 10 hours flight training in a small piston-powered aircraft.  Training takes place overseas.

 Some of the students are able to use the opportunity of the course to achieve “solo” status.  Flying solo means after a certain level of flight training the student has reached a level of proficiency and deemed suitable to be the pilot in command of the aircraft with no instructor on board.


The glider scholarship program will include 10 hours flight training in glider. Training takes place overseas.  The full license course includes a mix of dual (with instructor) and solo (student only) flights.

 Both scholarship program allows students to experience and understand the impact that other aviation professions, like engineering, aircraft maintenance and air traffic control, have on flight safety.  Throughout the course, students are encouraged to explore different areas of aviation in addition to flying.


Student Testimonials

Cyril Li (Graduate of 2012 course)


We have learnt a lot of theories in the HKYAA Course, but I often wonder if I can apply what I have learnt to practice. 

At the moment when my instructor and I took off for the first time, I was so exited and the feeling was definitely different from being a passenger. Flight training was not easy, especially when we had time constraint so the pace of training was fast. At the beginning we had to learn so many things so quickly that it was quite overwhelming. But the effort was not in vain that we flew better and better. I achieved more than what I expected before the trip! 

The scholarship was a very precious opportunity for us to further explore and understand our capability. The flying experience greatly boosted my confidence in flying and pursuing a flying career. This is an unforgettable first time.


Bryan Tsui (Graduate of 2012 course) 


I’m Bryan Tsui, one of the three scholars of the HKYAA flying exploration trip in 2014. I’m very honored to be selected to join the program. Through out the unforgettable two and half weeks in London Stapleford Flight Centre, my vision in aviation was widely broadened – by meeting and learning from other student pilots from around the world, visiting aviation museums and airfields in UK, and most importantly going through rigorous and high standard flight training in the beautiful C-152 aircraft.

It was not the first time I fly; yet it was a remarkable one. My instructor trained me explicitly and gradually, requiring absolute accurate performances, which helped in building up a solid foundation for my future flight training.

I enjoy every moment flying; learning everything there is to fly the airplane. Speaking of the most memorial event, I will never ever forget the moment I heard from the radio saying “Student G-OI, congratulations, that was a nice landing, welcome to the club.” After landing from my first solo. That was such a stunning page in my life event book.

Apart from flying, the life style there was also amazing. Woke up everyday by the sound of engine was one of the best part living in the flying center, by which we also got to meet other student pilots – to shared our stories and our passion for flying – we’ve learnt a lot from them. To me, everyday was exciting and fulfilling. 

Through this program, I’ve learnt to work as a team with my fellow scholars in our planning, learning and scheduling, as we’ve to work out everything from our own training plan, visiting schedule to even every meal ourselves. On top of that, communicating with other cadets and pilots was also a big lesson, as it’s a critical element for any commercial pilot, in which I see as my firm career goal.

This trip absolutely reinforces of my love toward flying, especially flying solo gave me such an unforgettable experience and boost in confidence. Now I’m even more determined in pursuing my goal to become a professional pilot.


Kristal Wong (Graduate of 2012 course)


I am so glad to receive the scholarship and really appreciate the offer from HKYAA. Before we went to UK for this scholarship, HKYAA instructor had already communicate with Stapleford Flight Centre on the objective and targets on the scholarship to get the course united.

I had some flying experience before but that was 2 years ago, so my instructor just trained me from basics like effects of control; climb and descend; turns; stalls and circuits. That was a really good experience that it made what we have learnt from HKYAA practical. It’s a good way to know how those theories go; like when you add full power you have to step on the rudder to avoid yaw; which I learnt anticipation is an important part in flying.

Apart from flying, as we lived by the school, that was a great chance to meet people from different places sharing the same goal, they were really determined to be a pilot and they were willing to share their experience to us, that gave a really high inspiration to us and it help keep our dream up. I believed we will work even harder after the scholarship to make our dream come true. 



  1. Who is eligible?

    Graduated students of HKYAA. 

  2. How much will I have to pay?

    HKYAA covers the majority of the cost of the scholarship and includes flight training, air ticket, accommodation and basic transportation cost.  Students will need to pay a small amount for food, licensing and medical fees and other leisure expenses.

  3. How will candidates be assessed?

    Candidates will be assessed on their performance in HKYAA, including academic and attendance. 

  4. When does flight training start?

    The course starts in the summer of each year.

  5. What are the medical requirements?

    There are no specific medical requirements for flight training with an instructor.  However, there is a requirement to obtain an aviation medical certificate if the student wishes to achieve first solo (flight with no instructor) or further licenses.

  6. Can I wear glasses?

    Prescription glasses are allowed.

  7. How do I get started right now?

    HKYAA is open for recruitment every year, so keep your eyes open for news by joining our facebook page.  On our facebook page, you will be updated of opportunities we may have for career talks.  Meanwhile, you can join us as an online member and have access to the HKYAA forum.


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