Aviation Exploration Day Details

AED lesson


To nurture our young generations’ interest in aviation, HKYAA offers secondary school students a valuable opportunity to gain exposure to the world of aviation through a one-day program - Aviation Exploration Day (AED). This event provides students with a taste of the core concepts covered in our year-long course.


The event consists of the following elements:


1. Classroom learning:
The day begins with two lessons on the Principle of Flight and Basic Aviation Knowledge.


2. Computer-based simulator flying
Students will get hands on experience and train their hand-eye coordination by flying an approach and landing with our computer-based simulator.

AED sim flying



3. Visit
To explore the real aviation world, we have organized short visits to some aviation organizations. In the past, we have visited the Educational Path in Civil Aviation Department and the Headquarters of a major airline from Hong Kong.

AED CX Visit



4. Group Exercise
Flying an airplane safely is about leadership and teamwork. A Line-Oriented Group Exercise offersstudents the chance to simulatepilot roles in the cockpit. They will facesome inflight situations as a group, such as communicating with air traffic control, handling the weather challenges, dealing with passenger issues, and solving unforeseen problems.

AED Group Exercise



5. Career Sharing
We will invite various current aviation professionslike airline pilots, aero engineers and air traffic controllersto share their career opportunities.


6. Students Sharing
Students are asked to share their learning experiences at the end of the day. Prizes and certificates will then be presented.


The whole day is packed, butis also fun and educational. It will surely be a great introduction to aviation for the young individuals.